If you are interested in adding customer reviews to your Shopify store you have most likely come across Yotpo. Yotpo has been one of the longest standing review apps in the Shopify app store providing stores with functionality for reviews, ratings, questions and answers, as well as other forms of user-generated content.

Yotpo simplifies the customer review process by enabling customers to leave reviews directly from their email client. It also provides widgets for sites, which display relevant customer reviews to help drive conversions.

The apps UX design and user interface is fantastic and easy to navigate for a new Shopify store owner. The features for generating user reviews are dialed in and practically automated. There really isn’t that much extra work that a new store needs to spend time on besides installing the app. It is almost ready to go right out of the box.

While there are a lot of great things to say about Yotpo, the main negative ( and it is a big one) is the price. When Yotpo began store owners paid a monthly fee for the service.  Yotpo has moved into the annual contract space and is known for having aggressive sales reps.  It is easily one of the most expensive apps a Shopify store can add in terms of cost.

Yes, Yotpo has proven that customer reviews matter and they do much more then the competition. That being said, for smaller Shopify stores that need to first gain traction there are more affordable customer review apps such as Product Reviews by Shopify ( 100% free). Smaller Shopify stores can also implement most of the other features Yotpo offers with existing email apps they already use with Klaviyo or Mailchimp.

Yotpo really shines for high volume online retailers with more then $100k in yearly revenue. Some of the largest Yotpo clients are Sears, GoPro, and Staples. Also, we should point out that there are a lot of “here today gone tomorrow” apps in the Shopify app store.  Anytime you install a new app into your store you want it to be developed by a reputable company that will not only service the app it will grow the app.

Over the past couple of years Yotpo has raised more then $50 million in venture capital, and is also one of the third fastest growing companies in Israel. Recently adding a new headquarters in New York, you can see that Yotpo is not going anywhere.

Yotpo App Listing 

Pricing: Free – $699 / Month

Customer Reviews WorkTons of Features
Costly For Small Stores
80%Overall Score
Ease of Use87%
Customer Support 80%