TITIN products revolve around resistance training, capitalizing on the body’s natural creation of muscle fibers under the pressure of weight. The phenomenon called Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) is what allows the muscle tearing that occurs during workouts to become the muscle regeneration that the workouts are tailored for. This recruitment is especially prevalent when the weight is only focused on the muscle groups and not the joints as the TITIN line of products follows. Because the joints stay load free, the muscle fiber recruitment is quicker and improves body function immediately following removal of unit. This means that you jump higher, run faster, and lift move immediately following removal of the unit.

The TITIN Force™ Shorts ($149.99) system has all of the same wicking and anti-microbial properties as the TITIN Force™ Shirt but the system adds 5 pounds instead of 8, giving you the opportunity to train with 13 pounds head to toe. The weight focuses on your hamstrings, thighs, and glutes, working on posture, explosiveness, and strength. The TITIN Force™ Shorts Sytem can be used during a workout or after one for post-workout recovery.
TITIN Shorts_1
Why not just use a weighted vest? Weight vests apply all the load on your shoulders, creating bad posture, negatively affecting your joints, and fatiguing your muscles almost instantly because the weight is all concentrated in one area. The optimal placement of the weight means that no joints will be affected and key muscle groups will have direct access to the hot or cold gels. The TITIN Force™ Shorts System uses the same gels as the TITIN Force™ Shirt System making it a truly flexible addition to the line (the shorts come pre-loaded with an extra set of gels, however). The TITIN Force™ Shorts System uses a belt-like system to stay intact and can be worn as compression under-garments or as outerwear. The ability to mass produce these shorts will help us improve seams, upgrade material, and eventually make long pants.

Through a joint study with Under Armour®, TITIN was found to increase lactate intake by 25%, vertical leap by 13%, endurance by 11%, top end sprint speed by 3% and overall agility, posture, and strength, meaning you can train harder, faster, and longer. The science behind the product lies within the shirts ability to recruit the muscle fibers from throughout your body that is responsible for regenerating your muscles after a workout. Because the gels are placed only on the muscles and not the joints, the regenerative properties occur without muscle fatigue, meaning you are even stronger immediately following a workout!