As a Shopify store owner either you are currently advertising on Facebook or you are strongly considering it. These tips are primarily for the Shopify store owner that is currently using Facebook to grow their customer base. However, if you are not yet experimenting with Facebook advertising, please take a quick look at the information below to see why it is becoming a must-have weapon to quickly grow and scale your business.

1. Display Your Ads In The Newsfeed

At the adset level make sure to set your ads to display on the newsfeed for mobile and desktop. If this is the first time a potential customer sees your brand disregard the righthand sidebar and affinity placements as they are significantly less effective as first time touch points.

2. Try Using Carousel Ads

If you haven’t already, try using carousel ads instead of a single image ad. Carousel ads let you showcase multiple images, videos, and links all in one ad. The playful nature of the ads design allows users to scroll through each block one by one. This scrolling action is measured by Facebook as the CTR % (click through rate). Ads with a high CTR % are rewarded with a lower CPC (cost per click) and CPM ( cost per impression) costs as you are showing Facebook that people enjoy interacting with your ad. You also have a greater chance of catching a potential customers interest as you are now displaying 3-8 images instead of one.

It is not unusual to see carousel ads result in a 30-50% lower CPC than single image ads. Plus they work on equally well on both mobile and desktop. Adding icing on the cake, you can let Facebook optimize the order of the images based on engagement and expected performance.

3. Set Up Your Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is a powerful tool inside Facebook that allows you to create lists of people you want to target Facebook ads at based on a list of past customers, website visitors, email addresses, phone numbers and unique Facebook  IDs.

You can build these lists by a tracking pixel on your website. Once you give Facebook a list of your customers, you can create a Lookalike audience. This part is practically magic. Knowing what your current audience looks like, Facebook can take all of the behavioral data that it knows about each user on their platform to automatically show your ads to new potential customers who are very similar to your existing customers.