In the noisy world of fitness apparel, Ten Thousand is a US-made Shopify brand hell-bent on bucking trends and making workout clothes that are truly timeless. By disregarding their industry’s gimmicks and garish neon, they cut to the core of what makes great activewear great — freedom-granting fits, tasteful designs, and the highest performance materials.

There’s a lot of options for workout gear these days. It’s a confusing sea of neon or logo-covered pieces of varying quality. Even some of the big names in performance can let you down with low-end pieces. But Ten Thousand, has a less is more approach. Founders Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie say they started the brand because they were frustrated by constant turnover in styles that they found wasteful and confusing. The pair also believe that it’s their simplicity that sets them apart.

We think that the best companies, in every industry, are defined by focus and a sense of timelessness. They do a few things, and do them really well.” – Co-founder Keith Nowak