Siva Cycle is a bicycle accessory company for the modern connected cyclist that strives to make every day on two wheels a little bit better. Siva Cycle recently created The Atom for the modern cyclist, gadget lover, the sustainable minded, and anyone that’s ever needed a charge on the go. The Siva Cycle Atom ($99.00 **For a limited time only. Price will go up to $129.99 September 5th.) simply powers your life one pedal at a time. The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB.

As you ride, the Atom harnesses the kinetic energy you generate for now and for later. Siva Cycle Atom generators mount on most standard bicycle frames in minutes, and the battery packs detach easily to quickly extend your battery life. The Atom is specifically designed to output a high quality, USB compatible 5V @ up to 1000mA. In English, that means that if your device can be charged with a USB connection (iPhones, and iPods, Galaxy phones, GPS trackers, etc.), then it will take a charge from the Atom.

The 1000mA charge rate is the same as if you were plugged into the wall, which means your device will go from fully flat to fully charged, just as fast on the bike as it would sitting on your desk. Integrated seamlessly into the body is a 1650mAh battery pack (compare vs. iPhone 5’s 1440mAh) that charges wherever you go. This means a over 100% charge on your iPhone 5 from dead flat, anywhere you need it. Your bike just got powerful…and so did your pocket.