The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.53%. While customers may decide to abandon their shopping carts before checking out for a number of reasons — such as hidden shipment costs, lack of payment options, or were simply window shopping — too many steps or complexity in the checkout process remains a top reason why a significant number of purchases are not completed. People hate filling out web forms, especially on mobile devices. They can be slow and frustrating to complete and often contain multi-page steps and validation issues.

To help make things easier for store owners, Shopify is adding autocomplete as a global function for all stores. Previously you had to install this amazing functionality manually with a bit of code, but as of today Shopify is FINALLY adding it into their checkout page. If your store doesn’t yet have it, don’t worry. Shopify is automatically rolling it out to all stores in the coming days.

We’ve found that using autocomplete attributes in your checkout that, buyers complete checkout about 40% faster.