Before RA Reflective even hit the drawing board, they spent a great deal of time investigating existing reflective products to figure out what was missing and what we could improve. RA Reflective consistently found that the price point for reflective garments in the performance-wear market were unreasonably high. Safety and style should be made affordable and accessible to everyone. Realizing that there was a gap in the market, RA Reflective was created. Being a vertically integrated company with forward thinking allows the company to develop modern styles with the highest-quality fabrics.

The Reflect Jacket is designed for temperate cycling conditions, cool morning starts, descents and sudden showers. Rear vents have been positioned to improve range of movement across the back of the shoulders.


Sleek aesthetics by day, and optimal visibility by night.

Key features:

Light and breathable fabric
Water-repellent treatment
Water-resistant zips
Long-cut back for bike position
Ninja Grips for added warmth and preventing entry of wind
Cross ventilation system for optimal breathability when you need it
Quick dry
Packable hood
Zipped hidden rear pocket
Zipped hidden side pockets
Inner pocket