Meet the Pebble Bee, the most feature rich solution available for monitoring you and your stuff. With it’s integrated 9-Axis Motion Tracker and thermometer Pebble Bee will provide movement, direction, speed, navigation and tracking to the user. You will be able to locate anything that you attach it to, and the motion data can be configured to user defined alerts and actions that can include activating light and sound. For instance, drop Pebble Bee into your pocket while you’re jogging and if your speed drops below a certain threshold the Pebble Bee will buzz to alert you. Place a Pebble Bee outside on a window and if the temperature drops below zero you will receive an alert on your phone to bring your plants inside. The motion data can also be viewed live and/or saved to a file to replay. See where your cat goes all night long, or relive those moments on the slopes watching yourself and your friends. The PebbleBee motion detection will be revolutionary for home security, child monitoring, health/fitness, countless sports applications, navigation as well as commercial/industrial monitoring and safety applications.

The PebbleBee also has a unique side button that can be used for unlimited amount of phone actions. Pressing the button can post an alert on your phone, or be configured to store data points of interest, send an email notification to a friend, or call your significant other. A user could map out specific locations, click the button and the Pebble Bee can save the place of interest. Or incorporate the button and motion into some sort of live action game!

Let’s not forget to mention that you can easily place a Pebble Bee on your belongings and you’ll never lose them! You can run the free Pebble Bee App on your mobile device or tablet to easily find and locate all your treasured items using the Pebble range finder. If it’s within up to 150 ft the Pebble App will indicate how close you are based on a signal bar and Bee rings. You can command the Pebble Bee to “buzz” or ring to assist in finding what you’re looking for. In sensitive situations you can command the PebbleBee to “spark” which will flash internal LEDs to aid in finding your item.

Pebble Bee