At REIGN23 I am blessed to have helped our small business partners gross more then $12 million in sales and revenue. NBC recently came by to profile myself and to talk to some of our clients to see the awesome things we are accomplishing everyday.

This achievement didn’t happen overnight. I have been in the online brand building business since 2008 (almost a decade) and believe me it has been a rollercoaster of blood, sweat…and well…years. A lot has been learned, a lot has been lost, but much more has ultimately been gained.


Having a complete 360 degree understanding of brand building, manufacturing, sourcing, sales, marketing,  ecommerce, and exactly how it has completely flipped the retail economy upon it’s head the last 4-5 years fascinates me to no end. There honesty hasn’t ever been a better time to build your dream business by opening an online store. Building brands from scratch and helping people achieve their lifelong goals is something that I am intensely passionate about.

For any new business, it’s not about how much money you have, or how cool your product is. At the end of the day it’s about who you surround yourself with and do they “get it”.

Small businesses and people around the world starting online stores can honestly win in today’s economy by simply understanding the playing field and executing at a high level. Is it easy? No. But is it possible?

Yes it is.

Sean Walser

President, REIGN23