It is no secret that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Now you can make it better with the Moment iPhone Case. Back in 2014 Seattle based mobile phone lens maker Moment launched with a two-piece lens system on Kickstarter, pulling in nearly $500,000 and over nine times their goal. Their lenses truly undoubtedly upped the ante for many photographers. Now the company debutes their second crowd-funding launch of the Moment Case for iPhone 6, complete with a DSLR-like, multi-state shutter button, an industrial strength lens mount compatible with both previously released wide-angle and tele lenses, and a camera strap attachment.

The case design is stunning, and practical. It recognizes when a lens is attached, seamlessly queuing up a new-and-improved version Moment App, which allows users to utilize the touch-screen to designate exposure levels while simultaneously using the physical shutter button (at half-press) to lock in focus. This unique combination is a foreign, but exciting experience for mobile photographers who like to have extra control over their image settings.