Facebook is introducing a new ad format that should help retailers showcase their products.  This is perhaps one of the more immersive formats the company offers, and it’s rolling out globally today. Collections are created specifically for mobile, and seem designed to win users over in the Facebook app — before directing them to the advertiser’s mobile website.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s goal with collections is to help marketers really drive discovery and sales in the mobile format. Collections are also designed to be easy for merchants to set up, with Facebook doing the heavy lifting of choosing the right products to showcase from the merchants’ broader catalog. Collections takes advantage of a number of broader trends: The growth of mobile commerce and video, plus the increasing importance of fast performance on smartphones.

The ad shows up in users’ newsfeeds — it leads with a video or image, followed by four product images right below. If someone taps on the ad, it opens up a broader catalog of up to 50 different products. Then if they tap on a specific product, they’ll go to the advertiser’s website or app to make the purchase.

Facebook collections

The advertiser can choose the initial four products that show up in a collection, the rest are automatically selected by Facebook, based on the merchant’s preferences and on user targeting.

Facebook is also making a change to the way advertisers can measure their results. For creative units like collections, it won’t just tell advertisers when someone clicks on ad — Facebook will also measure outbound clicks, namely when someone clicks out of the ad to the business’ website. This feature will also available to advertisers on Instagram.

How do I create a collection?


1) Go to Ads Manager.
2) Select Traffic or Conversions from the ad objective menu and click Continue.
3) Select Website or Messenger or App. If you’re using an app, it’s recommended that you link people directly to your products within your app.
4) Choose your audience, budget and schedule. Click Continue.
Select the Collection format.
5) Select the Collection format.
6) Select an Image, Video, or Slideshow. For video, 1:1 or 16:9 aspect ratios are recommended. For images, an image size of 1,200 x 628 pixels is recommended.
7) Choose your Facebook Page, a headline (25 characters recommended) and text (90 characters recommended).
8) Select your product catalog from the drop-down menu.
9) Select your product set, or click to create a new product set. It’s recommended that your product set contains 8 or more products related to your main image, slideshow or video.
10) Select Mobile News Feed under Ad Preview to see your collection format ad.

Note: Because this feature is mobile only, you may see a pop-up window asking you to remove all non-mobile placements. Click Remove Placements.

11) The Products featured in News Feed section lets you to control the 4 product images below your video, slideshow or image. By default, the 4 images will be ranked by the likelihood of purchase. Click Change to select 1 – 4 specific images from your product set. The product images you select won’t be ranked by likelihood of purchase.
12) Select Preview below Post Click Experience to see what the ad would look like after people tap on it.
13) Click Place Order to finish.


1) Use a product set with 8 or more products to use with the collection format.When people tap on More, they’ll be able to scroll through additional rows of products.
2) Encourage people to explore by choosing a variety of different products for the row of 4 product images.
3) Link your inspirational content with your products by showing your products related to your inspirational video, slideshow or image.