People ask us all the time here at REIGN23 what are one of the main ingredients necessary for executing a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The answer is always social media. Executing a killer Kickstarter social media strategy should be at the top of every campaigners to-do list.

1. It takes time to build an audience

Newsflash, it is a 9-12 month process to build up followers for your Kickstarter Campaign. Yes it will take you a solid 6-9 months to organically build up your own audience and no it is a terrible idea to buy followers. You need to set your goal to attract and obtain as many people that are interested in your product or subject. A high number of followers doesn’t matter if they are not interested in your category. Don’t worry, if your Kickstarter social media strategy is done correctly this will not only help boost your crowdfunding campaign, but more importantly these people will become brand advocates for your new product and company long after your crowdfunding efforts are done.

2. Understand the difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

– Facebook is about the people you already know. It is about staying in touch with pre-existing relationships. These are the people you went to high school or college with, or friends you have made from working.

– Twitter is for perceptions, news, or daily observations. It’s a great way to read micro-bursts of news.

– Google+ is for passions. Unlike Facebook, many Google+ users will use the service to form new friendships, connections, or relationships instead of keeping in touch with their pre-existing relationships. This is usually done through Google+ communities, which are interest-centered.

– Pinterest is all about primping and pinning pictures – things that are cool, cute, or beautiful. Many people use Pinterest as a wish-list or planning service, where they pick out clothes they want to buy or the type of home they want to own in the future.

– LinkedIn is for finding a new job, forming professional connections, doing business development or sales, staying up to date on what people on your industry are doing, and staying up to date on industry-relevant news via the newsfeed and LinkedIn Groups.

– Instagram is all about creative images with visual story telling through great photography.

3. Create a great profile

A social media profile is meant to develop rapport with potential followers. You want people to make a quick judgement that you are competent, sane, engaged, likable, and trustworthy. Unfortunately, when people are making a split-second decision as to whether or not to follow you, looks count.

For your profile to be optimized, make sure you’ve followed the following steps:

– Upload a high quality image of your smiling face for your avatar.

– Include a background image that highlights your passion or reveals something more about you (quotes, images featuring passions, etc).

– Fill out all of the required fields for your profile.

If you want to show people that you are clueless about social media, go with the default images.

4. Be a great curator

As content creators ourselves, let us tell you that it is harder than you think to generate high quality content on a consistent basis. Most companies can’t afford the time to consistently do content marketing (which they should), or don’t have the budget to hire content creators. One way to make up for this is to become a great content curator.

Be the first person to find the great content and share it with your audience. It shows that you understand your company’s sector and are in-tune with the shifts happening in the industry. Don’t be afraid to share the most popular stories. It’s a great way to expose your network to viral content that they may not know about and it is bound to get retweets and likes. You can find popular stories by looking at what is trending on Twitter or what is hot on Google+ or Facebook.

5. Don’t self-promote more than you should

If you are using social media for a business end and want to self-promote new products and services, we recommend self-promoting 1 out of every 20 messages. The other 19 messages should be content that is curated for your audience or customers.

This holds true for posting on Forums, Google Groups, LinkedIn Groups, and when commenting on blogs. Out of 20 times, always seek to add value 19 of the times and self-promote once.

6. Make sure your posts are noticeable and be authentic

Always include a video or image in your social media post. Not only does it direct people’s attention to your post, but it also quickly informs them what your post is about (before they even read the headline). Scannability is paramount in a information-cluttered world.

In addition, you MUST consistently respond to comments on your posting, otherwise you look like you are just pushing or promoting and don’t care what people actually think. This applies to blogs, forum postings, and social media postings.

7. Repeat your posts

You should repeat your social media posts every 8 hours (specifically twitter). It obviously depends on how many people your followers follow, but it’s easy for your posts to get lost in the stream of tweets or status updates. This is the reason that CNN frequently re-runs stories, to make sure they catch people who weren’t watching the first time.

8. You don’t think you have time for this

When we hear people say they don’t have time to build a Kickstarter social media strategy, we hear an entrepreneur saying I don’t have time for marketing. That means that you are an engineer who thinks that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. Most of the time this is wrong. There are a ton of great products that never make it simply because no one knows about them. At the end of the day designing and making the product is only about 5% of the journey. There is a lot of heavy lifting to still do.

As a final takeaway, you should remember having Kickstarter social media strategy is not about social media. It is about marketing. Starting early will only help you and being consistent, diligent and smart with your social media will pay you back in spades if executed properly. The only way that an entrepreneur can get the word out about their Kickstarter campaign without a large budget is social media, and the only way to do this is to build a platform in advance. Now that we think about it, this breakdown about Kickstarter social media strategy is arguably is a lesson on how to do marketing with no money.