Do Your Research

An important consideration is which platform to use. Kickstarter is by far the most famous, followed distantly by Indiegogo in terms of traffic. But that doesn’t mean one size fits all as both platforms have their pro’s and con’s for project creators. As a start, ask yourself if your product a good fit for crowdfunding in the first place? Pick something you know is within your reach so you are not setting yourself up for a monumental struggle to fulfill your obligations. Backers are, currently, predominantly male and skewed younger. Items geared towards parents and older ladies aren’t likely to fare well on the current platforms. It’s easy to see what kinds of items do well by researching the sites.

Execute With Excellence

Strive to do a very good job in every aspect of the campaign. That includes perk structure, your video, the voice of your written copy, product name, project icon, graphics, logos, update strategy, customer service, date realism, prototypes, pricing accuracy, photography, your referral program, communication of benefits and your marketing strategy. Show up as a professional company good at what you do. Your campaign will be better constructed and more appealing. That instills confidence in your backers.

Of course, it’s most important that the design of your actual product is excellent. You have to create something people will want. No matter how well you execute your campaign, product is king. Never skimp on design!

Make It Happen

Without good marketing you will be a “tree falling in the forest.” Crowdfunding projects that get 30 percent of their funding goal in the first 24 hours have a much greater chance of success. Early momentum isn’t just good for your pockets, it has a rippling effect on the media as you will appear more interesting to them. Strong early momentum also propels you up the ranks on Kickstarter’s and Indiegogo’s category pages and could land you on their front pages and even catapult you into the stratosphere if you get placed in their coveted newsletters.

Crowdfunding success, like so many things, comes down to preparation, execution and will power. GOOD LUCK!!!!!