The Kammok Glider is the first portable shelter to feature a fully integrated rainwater retention system, and made from a new fabric that can perform in all-weather extremes. Adventures are often found in the times and places we least expect, and being equipped for changing weather is essential.

With a variety of mounting and suspension settings, the Glider goes up easy and holds strong. Not only does it accompany Kammok Roo’s camping hammock and accessories, it can also be used as a temporary weather shelter, as a beach shelter, tailgating tent, triathlon or marathon tent or much more.┬áHaving shelter is important, but what makes the Glider so unique is its patent-pending built-in rain retention technology.


Over multiple day-long backpacking trips or in emergency situations, it may be impossible to carry all the water you need to survive, making it necessary to find water sources on the trail or in the backcountry. Many times water sources can be sparse, even in rainy weather. Before the Glider, there was no reliable way to collect rainwater on the trail in meaningful volumes. In initial product testing in heavy rainstorms, the Glider could fill a 1 Liter water bottles (attached to the four funnels) in less than 30 seconds.


This products design inspiration comes directly from nature. The Glider’s shape (and the name) is inspired by the wings of the Sugar Glider – a small marsupial that resembles a flying squirrel. The Sugar Glider’s wings include natural catenary curves, providing additional strength and structure. On the Glider, the six catenary curves allow the shelter to pitch taut with minimal effort while still providing multi-directional support for rain collection.