As each day passes, Facebook advertising is just getting better and better for ecommerce brands to reach their target customers in creative engaging ways and increases sales. In this small case study we take a quick look at how a San Diego company used a specific ad layout to increase their ROAS (return on ad spend).

A quick background on Pura Vida. Pura Vida is a San Diego based company that offers bracelets made by Costa Rican artisans. What began as a 5-week long college graduation trip has since turned into an in-demand business that sells to more than 3500 surf shops, boutiques and chain stores around the world. While on vacation in Costa Rica, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman met local artisans whose bracelets inspired Pura Vida (Spanish for “pure life”). Through this simple idea, the company has consistently sold more then seven figures in revenue and now gives back through its Pura Vida Charity Collection, which has donated about $935,000 to over 190 charities.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bracelets was looking to leverage the brand’s strong presence on Instagram to drive online sales among both its existing customers and potentially new customers, while also keeping costs at a minimum. They decided to use Instagram Carousel ads and discovered some amazing results.

With the aim of increasing online sales and attracting potential new customers, Pura Vida ran a 12- week campaign using carousel and video ads on both Instagram and Facebook. The carousel ads displayed a variety of photos, each including a stack of Pura Vida bracelets on the wrists of people in relaxed settings—from the beach and the boardwalk, to forests and easy-going urban settings.

Pura Vida carousel Ad Example

The vibrant colors of these backdrops paired well with the equally colorful and laidback look of the handmade bracelets. The ads, which were accompanied by a promotional discount code, made use of a “Shop Now” call-to-action, allowing people to easily purchase the products they see in the ads.


“We can now reach the audience that best relates to Pura Vida and scale our ads accordingly, thanks to Instagram ads.”
Griffin Thall, CEO, Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida used Facebook’s pixel to target current customers who have visited or bought a product from its website, then created a lookalike audience based on this group in an effort to find potential new customers. The campaign achieved a 25% reduction in cost-per-action, while significantly increasing online sales. Overall Pura Vida saw an 18% increase in return on ad spend using the carousel ads format on Instagram and Facebook.