There is this weird thing with water where if you don’t drink it you die. Drink more water. Sounds simple enough right? No one does. A recently launched brand called Fred Water is releasing a steel flask that is geared to do just that: help you drink more water. With some celebrity backing from Lil Wayne and Tony Hawk, Fred Water is looking to capture the action sports market for H2O.

Each stainless steel Fred Flask is engineered from uncoated, brushed steel. Every Fred Flask has a matte finish and is powder coated for enhanced durability. There is no hocus pocus, no false prmises or magic wand. This is just a fantastic example of a brand executing on a simple idea. They could have made this so it would fit perfectly in your car. But instead they designed it to fit in your pocket. Because well, it’s water. It should go where you go. Create a cool water bottle that fits comfortably in your pocket, so you can carry more water with you more often. That’s it.