A/B Testing With Chrome Industries

Learn how how Chrome Industries uses ecommerce data to A/B test items on their online store and build a better more profitable customer experience. Website optimization is key for any online retailer to take their store to the next level.

Store owners of all sizes should always understand the numbers by taking a deep dive into their visitor behavioral data. By gaining insight on your customer behavior, you can uncover details that you would not have noticed before allowing you to increase your profit and potentially even create new revenue streams.

Most Shopify stores think that the only way to increase revenue is to increase traffic. That is never the case. The truth is that most online stores do not need to drive more traffic. Every online store first needs to optimize their website to capitalize  on the traffic that they have.

Implementing website optimization strategies such as: Product page A/B testing, exit-popups, newsletter fly ins, improving user experience design, cross-selling strategies, improving website speed, abandoned checkout email flows, and optimizing the purchase and post purchase experience can all quickly lead to 15%-35% increases in revenue without spending a penny on the costs of driving more traffic.

As a store owner, the end-game is to get people to engage more with your brand and this will ultimately lead to the visitor purchasing something. Ecommerce is a 24-hour business that needs to change every day. Understanding your customer visitor data ultimately leads to a better experience for your overall user. From deploying quick fixes to maximizing online revenue streams, website optimization has changed the way online stores are thinking about business.