As a bike commuter in the Seattle area, Orfos Flare founder Pete Clyde spent hundreds of hours in dark, rainy weather. There were many days when he chose to drive a car and sit in traffic because he didn’t feel safe on the road. There was no light that he could buy that made him feel safe. This realization led Pete down the course of reinventing the entire concept of a bike light from the ground up. Pete needed lights that would give him the confidence that he would be seen in any condition: Day/Night/Rain/Shine.

Through years of design and the newest LED technology available, Pete started his company called Orfos to turn this idea into a reality. We are pleased to introduce you to these incredible bike lights with 360 degrees of visibility that can compete with car lights and have the convenience of being portable and rechargeable. Orfos Flares are designed to perfection, engineered to last, and built in the USA.

Utilizing 9 of the most efficient half watt LEDs available, the RED Flare is 300 Lumens. The WHITE Flare is 500 Lumens. These lights will match the intensity and light dispersion of modern LED car tail lights and daytime running lights. HIGH mode is bright enough to be used during the day or early evening! For rides in the darker hours of the night when eyes are dilated to let in more light, MEDIUM or LOW brightness modes will give extended run times.

The Flares are designed to seamlessly interface with your bicycle, providing the most beautiful and noticeable illumination allowed by technology. The compact and aerodynamic design concentrates on what is essential, using every millimeter to increase your visibility and safety. Nothing was left to chance. Bicycles are works of art, and the Flare is the perfect complement.