Neptune is preparing to release Suite, a group of devices to augment their Apple watch  watch device called Hub. What’s included in the Suite package? Well, there’s the Tab, a tablet with an attachable keyboard. There’s also a dongle that will stream to your TV, and wireless earbuds you can wear around your neck, and which cleverly doubles as a charging cord. If it looks like something straight out of Minority Report with Tom Cruise it may just be. Essentially what Neptune is proposing with Suite is that you will walk into a room, and because of the device on your wrist the computers in it would know who you are, and you’d be able to resume whatever stream of work or play you’d been involved with. Neptune Suite is probably the first time that someone has been far-sighted enough—or crazy enough—to make that impersonal computing ideal a reality. Indeed, perhaps the biggest UX insight behind Neptune’s idea is this: the continuity problems that torment our digital lives simply go away if a single, wearable computer becomes a central computing hub. No more synching between tablet and phone. No more weird transitions as you try to recreate Internet searches or migrate photos or profiles from one device to another.

This is quite a lot even for the most tech savy to wrap their heads around and who knows if crowdfunding darling Neptune will be able to pull it off. At the end of the day it’s just a matter of funding and proving that there’s a market for such a novel experiment in computing. If you are curious, Neptune has raised more than $800,000 for their Suite package with 28 days remaining on Indiegogo.

This is only the beginning of a whole new computing era. Imagine a world where devices are so commoditized that they’re just part of the environment. They can be everywhere; in your home, at the office, in your car, in restaurants, shopping malls, schools… Need a screen? Simply find one and use it as yours. Screens can be embedded into household appliances, cars, walls, and much more. Everything will become smart, by simply becoming accessories for your wrist.” – Neptune CEO Simon Tan