Traveling can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare and the neck pillow has needed an upgrade for quite some time. A newly launched start up, Live Comfy, seeks to reinvent the neck pillow and upgrade it with some modern amenities. The Live Comfy travel jacket ($99) incorporates a unique patent-pending air system to make travel and other activities more comfortable. The Live Comfy travel jacket incorporates a bluetooth enabled smart pump that not only inflates air chambers surrounding your head in the hood, but can be done so with your phone via the Android or iOS app. The pump doesn’t just make your transit more comfortable, but also acts as a back up battery for any USB powered device should you need it.

While Live Comfy boasts fantastic innovation in “Wearable Technology” they also didn’t take any shortcuts in style and comfort. Using a textured cotton blend on the outer shell of the jacket helps maintain breathability with an ultra soft microfiber for ultimate comfort. The fit of the jacket is undeniably perfect with tapered chest and waist, so you don’t look like you just threw on a poncho. The internal media pocket protects the pump and streamlines headphone wires for easy, handsfree listening.

Crafted by CEO Jason and supported by his two friends, Live Comfy aims to solve problems in the Travel department, but excels in the Wearable Technology market. We often think of things like wristbands, watches, and heart rate monitors as wearable technology, but the guys at Live Comfy have us thinking and believing otherwise.