Every once in a while something special hits the market… Lily may be just that. Lily, the world’s first-throw and shoot autonomous camera allowing users to capture high quality photos and videos, seemingly very easily. Simply toss the Lily camera up in the air and it will follow, and film, you. Lily will capture all the action in 1080/60p, 720/120p slow-mo, or as 12 megapixel stills. No controller required — just put the tracker in your pocket, throw the camera up in the air, and get going.

Lily, if it works as promised, could shake up not just the drone industry, but the camera industry as well. Since it doesn’t need to be piloted (it uses computer vision to navigate, in addition to GPS to track your, and its, location), the barrier to usage is much lower than a normal drone. And because of that ease of use, it could be adopted by a wider range of pro and amateur photographers who can now add unique aerial footage to coverage of things like sporting events, weddings, and beach outings, among other things.