If you are like most people the number one New Years resolution was to sit less and do more. With a busy work schedule that resolution is easier said than done. First came standing desks, then treadmill desks, and now…surfing desks. Meet Level, a surfboard-like platform that requires the user to constantly make small movements with their feet to stay upright. Level is basically the next evolution of the standing desk, which grew in popularity after studies showed that sitting for long periods of time could be bad for your health. The company behind the product,FluidStance, says that 3rd party research shows that introducing movement beneath one’s feet increases heart rate by 15% compared with sitting. The benefits of Level are those similar to balancing on a stability ball, which requires your core muscles to work continually to keep you from falling over.

Level escalates user heart rate by 15% on average compared to a sitting environment, while their range of motion increases over 20 times, emulating the same range that you might see in the lower legs while walking. Most importantly, testers didn’t make any more errors while typing than they did sitting down. Level looks amazing and it’s good for you. What else is there to say? Go ahead and buy two, your coworkers will thank you.