From mountain bikers to BMXers to racers, couriers to commuters, the bike epitomizes a way of life for millions of people. There are more than a billion bicycles in the world — more than twice the number of cars — and the bike has regularly proven to be the fastest form of urban transport, reaching its destination more quickly than cars, buses, tubes or pedestrians. Capitalizing on this growing trend is Utah based LEED who following a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2013, moved from a two-car garage into a production facility in Mountain Green, Utah. LEED is currently launching a second product on Kickstarter for the LEED 500 Electric Bike Conversion Kit. The LEED 500 Series is a powerful and simple electric bike conversion kit that truly raises the bar. The 500 Series is more than just a conversion kit, it is a fully integrated high power electric system that completely brings your bike to life and transforms how you interact with the environment. It is the most simple 500 Watt electric bike conversion kit available for the lowest price imaginable.