The Fusion Stand has an elegant, minimal platform design to transform your iMac along with iPhone, iPad mini, etc. into a stylish and stable workstation. The Fusion stand is made from a solid aircraft-grade piece of aluminum with a natural anodized finish that matches the look and feel of Apple products. This creates a seamless, elegant look for your desktop or workspace. Fusion stand provides space for one of our unique cradles in the front. The unique patent pending design with magnets ensure the cradle remains tightly “attached” to the stand with no movement or sliding around. No any additional tool is needed. Just a simple placement of the cradle onto the face of the Fusion.

With the cradle, the Fusion gives you the flexibility to dock and charge your iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Series, and most smartphones with the bottom micro-USB entry port. The cradle is also compatible with most tablets. When the cradle is added, the productivity is increased ten-fold.

The curved design provides a little cave to keep the unsightly clutter out of sight and out of mind. The intentionally designed area underneath serves as a useful area that will bring ease to many users. It has enough room to protect valuable items, hide any papers or writing utensils that could clutter up the desk, or any cables that would end up tangling.

By properly using the Fusion Stand, your iMac or thunderbolt monitor will be elevated at eye level which will keep your back, forearms, and wrists straight. Better working conditions will prevent irritation and strains that can be uncomfortable. As a predecessor of the UNITI, both stands compliment each other. For those who prefer two monitors side by side, the Fusion would be a perfect addition to the family since it will save space but also provide the proper elevation for a comfortable workspace experience.