Studio Banana, the creative minds behind two major Kickstarter success stories, the Ostrich Pillow (Original, Light and Mini ) collections and the playful Kangaroo Light, are at it again. Studio Banana launched another exciting gadget, BATBAND. Inspired by bats, dolphins and other animals with sonar hearing, Studio Banana started dreaming of a magical way of listening to music. BATBAND is a sleek, lightweight ear-free headphones design that allows you to simultaneously listen to your private soundscape (your favorite music, podcasts, the radio, your best friend calling you…) and the world that surrounds you. This elegant and innovative piece of sound technology works via bone conduction, the conduction of sound to the internal ear through the bones of the skull. BATBAND consisting of transducers that emit sound waves perceived by your “private” inner ear, thus freeing your “social” outer ear. BATBAND’s high-fidelity sound conduction, intuitive touch controlling system, incorporated microphone and streamlined, intelligent design makes it different from any other bone conducting headphones out there.