Hub and Bespoke | Men’s Riding Coat

Commuting to work by bicycle has grown dramatically in the last ten years nationwide, however, the apparel industry largely has yet to address the unique needs of the urban bicycle commuter. Currently there are limited options to choose from with most being an array of sporty logo covered cycle wear. This clothing is neither comfortable off... Read more →


Introducing BULBING, a 2D LED lamp that forces you to rethink your everyday objects and raise a smile. Esstentially it is a 2D wire frame lamp designed by Nir Chehanoswki that plays tricks on the eye. The piece creates an optical illusion, as it appears as a 3D lightbulb, but is actually completely flat. The frame consists of a thin sheet of... Read more →

Touchwood For Life

Touchwood For Life is a premium and fashionable wooden accessories brand. Made from natural woods, all of these products show a fusion between nature and technology. From watches, to iPad cases, Touchwood is bringing style, luck, and green initiatives the fashion and design industry. After growing up together, the guys from GVD... Read more →

Unpocket | ’1984′ Stealth Fashion

Big Brother is real and he's watching. Become untrackable and unhackable with UnPocket enabled stealth fashion. Every piece in the '1984' collection is built around a removable stealth pocket made from police-grade shielding fabrics that securely block all Cell, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals to ~100 dB. It is called the UnPocket in homage to... Read more →

Notion | Be home, even when you’re not

Notion is changing everything you thought possible about home monitoring and security. Their initial product turns any home not just into a smart home, but into a home that is truly intelligent. Using a single sensor packed full of unique sensor technologies, Notion can detect hundreds of different household events like if your water heater... Read more →