Mars Levitating Speaker

Mars is a new home music hub that fuses sci-fi design with precise, thoughtful engineering. Mars's levitating 360° sound projection reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station. The levitating ability not only has an aesthetic appeal but it reduces the waste of amplification energy to... Read more →

Navdy | Heads Up Display

We have some a long way since Mapquest. The once tried and true service has been becoming more and more obsolete everyday and with the upcoming release of Navdy, you can now put Mapquest in the same memory bank as your Nokia phone. Navdy is a 5.1-inch transparent heads-up display that saves us from the need to take our eyes off the road and... Read more →

Lumo | Modern Cycling Apparel

British startup brand Lumo is launching a collection of cycling clothing with built-in LEDs. It's difficult to design a garment with built in lights and not make the wearer look like a Christmas tree. In all seriousness, Doug Bairner and his team at Lumo has put together a well thought out very solid collection of cycling apparel that you... Read more →

Manual Coffee Maker No1

We've all been there. Everyone's life is busy and sometimes you just need some instant freaking coffee pre-brewed ready to go and out the door. For those of us not lucky enough to be from Portland (where craft coffee is abundant) and are simply looking for a better caffeine experience, Manual Coffeemaker No1 (MCM) is here to help. MCM is a... Read more →

Wearhaus Arc | Headphones Reinvented

Back in the day, it was almost a religious experience to put on a record, sit around with your friends and enjoy the tunes. In todays fast paced environment, and the popularity of headphones built for a singular user experience much of the romanticism in sharing music is gone. The act of consuming music is becoming less social by the day.... Read more →

COBI | Connected Biking System

Smart Bikes are becoming more and more of the norm but their high price tag is still a major barrier to entry for the general population. Sure, a bike like Vanhawks Valour is great, but does every bike owner really want to trade in their current tried and true make and models for a complete "smart bike" built by a startup? Probably not, which... Read more →