Trivae |A Trivet With A Twist

Trivae is a multifunctional kitchen tool that serves many purposes. Acting almost as an extra hand in the kitchen, the Trivae also helps display your Instagram worthy food once it is prepared. A lid holder that is designed to support inverted lids of any shape or size, you can also elevate your dishes with Trivae, as well as use it as a... Read more →

StandStand | Portable Standing Desk

StandStand is the only truly portable standing desk. Use it anywhere you work to transform a table or desk into a standing desk. StandStand collapses to the size of a laptop and fits easily into your bag or backpack, allowing you to take it anywhere. Dowels hold the three panels together when stacked, so they become a unified object that... Read more →

BelayCords | Reversible USB Charging Cords

With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device. We all love our phones, but with so much time and energy went into creating such amazing phones, but it seems like the charging cord hasn't caught up. Charging cords have some major problems: The white... Read more →

Chargerito | Keychain Sized Backup Battery

Chargerito may just be the world's smallest phone charger. The plugs fold into the device, so it can fit in a pocket or on a key chain. The Chargerito plugs into any electrical wall outlet to hold your mobile device securely against the wall as it charges. Unlike other compact chargers, the Chargerito does not require plugging into another... Read more →

SOOT Electropack 2 | 3 Bags In 1

Meet the SOOT Electropack 2. It’s a tablet-sized mini messenger, a mid-sized commuter and it can even be a full-sized carry-on.The SOOT Electropack 2 is an incredibly tough, surprisingly practical energy powerhouse. It's a essentially a modular carry-on that transforms into both a Mini Messenger and a Commuter Backpack, all while keeping... Read more →

Zurlo | Timeless Versatility

ZURLO is a new high-end, contemporary leather goods and accessories company based in New York City that came to fruition in a college dorm room by a group of friends. ZURLO combines high-end product design with original technology all while using timeless materials. Currently ZURLO is releasing two models. The first is the Sterling, an... Read more →