Exploding Kittens

We typically don't discuss or mention card games but Exploding Kittens is the name of a new game that has taken Kickstarter by storm ( raising $4,000,000+ in a week) . Exploding Kittens is basically a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. Four players come together to help prevent a young, curious cat from inadvertently... Read more →

Plan V | Failsafe Charger

Plan A is always to have your smartphone charger and plan B is to hope someone around you has a charger for your kind of phone in case your battery runs out. But if those plans fail, there’s now Plan V, a “jumper cable” that recharges your smartphone with a 9-volt battery. Finally, a use for that drawer full of half-dead batteries. Open... Read more →

Leather HandiCase: An All-In-One Solution

2015 is fresh, and it’s awesome. In 2015, we no longer have to plug in our phone to get a charge, we just have to set it down. Meet Leather HandiCase, the Leather iPhone 6 and 6 Plus case that can hold your credit cards, your ID, and your cash. Oh, and it comes with a Qi receiver and Qi charging pad. With Qi technology, you no... Read more →

popSLATE | Dual Display Case

Smartphones with dual displays have never really take off but one new iPhone case is hoping to change that. Here to put all of your pertinent information at your fingertips without sacrificing your phone's longevity is the successfully-funded Indiegogo project popSLATE: a case with an ePaper display on the back of your phone. The popSLATE... Read more →

Rapid Hammock

Spending time in the great outdoors is more enjoyable with a good place to sit or lie down, and that’s precisely what Rapid Hammock is all about. There are dozens of lightweight hammocks on the market, but Rapid is doing something new with its unique packaging. The entire hammock can be easily stored in the accompanying nylon bag, which... Read more →

Pronto – Fast Charge Portable Battery

Having a back up battery is great, but what if it takes forever to charge, and then you only get half a phone charge out of it? The idea is there, but the product isn't. That is where The Pronto comes in. From the guys at Power Practical, we get another fantastic product. In just 5 minutes, The Pronto will have enough juice to charge your... Read more →